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As we get older we start to notice that our once smooth, firm and supple skin struggles to retain its youthful appearance. Natural defence mechanisms, such as collagen and the elastin, begin to break down when we reach our 30s, and suddenly we see all the small lines and wrinkles that weren’t there before. While collagen gives body tissue shape, firmness and strength, elastin supplies the skin with much needed flexibility. So when we reach an age where they both start breaking down, our skin becomes more vulnerable to external factors such as sunlight and pollution, emotional strain and occasional sleeplessness.

All of these signs of ageing can be treated by lasers which are non-surgical and doesn’t require any downtime. Anti-ageing laser treatments work by firing laser light into your skin. These ultrashort pulses fired uniformly into the skin actually stimulate collagen production. Your body then starts creating more collagen and the signs of ageing start to minimize.

IiDerma provides a complete range of age management solutions to address and treat all types and signs of skin aging for long lasting and targeted results.

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