Dermapen Skin Treatment

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Dermapen Skin Treatment

A Dermapen treatment is an advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to reduce wrinkles, smoker’s lines, large pores, heal acne, surgical and burn scars as well as rejuvenate and tighten the skin. The Dermapen treatment uses multiple needles to vertically pierce the skin to create numerous micro wounds stimulating the body’s natural healing process, similar to the effect of a fractional laser treatment.

The benefits of Dermapen Treatments are multiple, and the most effective ones are:
• Skin tightening, natural collagen
• Induction, lifting & rejuvenation
• Acne scars & wound healing
• Reduces wrinkles & fine lines
• Minimises pore size
• Improves stretch marks

Each person’s skin conditions are different and require different levels of treatment. Those with mild wrinkles and fine lines may see improvement after one treatment, however a minimum of three treatments is recommended for best results. People with more advanced skin conditions like acne scarring may need up to six treatments. The number of treatment sessions required will be determined during a consultation with our Doctors.

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