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Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that causes area of skin to lose color. It present as depigmented (white) patches. Exposed body sites, such as the face, elbows,knees,hands and feet, are often involved, resulting in signi cant cosmetic concerns.

What types of Vitiligo patches are treatable ?

The patches which are stable and not spreading for past 3 months are treatable.

How long does this treatment take ?

The duration of the surgery depends upon the size of area being treated. Usually it take 2-3 hours. The skin starts regaining its normal complexion within 4 weeks of surgery and it is signing cantly notieable in 3-5 months.

Is it a plastic surgery ?

Yes, it is a type of plastic surgery. In this procedure, after taking skin from the healthy donor area of body, its epidermal layer containing melanocytes is spearated using various solutions; and nally this non-cultured melanocytic suspension is transplanted over the denuded depigmented site.

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